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An electric bike is just like a regular bicycle – only better.

You can pedal normally (or not), and get assistance up to 20 MPH.

It gives you the freedom to go farther and faster, without getting too sweaty.

You’re empowered to conquer hills and headwinds with ease.

It feels like being a kid again!

Electric bikes are normal bicycles that have been manufactured or modified to incorporate the assistance of an electric motor. Our electric bikes differ from other electric bikes in that they are lighter and balanced to feel like a traditional bike. Our bikes offer both torque sensor pedal assist and power on demand (twist throttle). Pedal assist provides 4 levels of power assist that automatically support your pedaling. If you regularly commute through hilly or windblown areas, you’ll find this feature extremely helpful. Our 24-30 speed gearing options allows for ranges up to 40 miles on a single charge. The pedal assist function can be switched off when a rider wants to use the throttle mode only, no pedaling needed, just twist and go.

Think of all the cool implications. On city bikes, electric assist means commuters who might otherwise climb in the car because they’re late can take their e-bike and still get to the office on time. Pedal-assist bikes have also been shown to extend bike commuting range, since the electric help makes it feasible to go longer distances. Electric bikes can also be used for running errands and recreation, enjoying how far and long they can ride. Our commercial customers use ebikes instead of golf carts, Segways and other utility vehicles. With no license or registration required, an electric assist bike is a great transportation tool that anyone who can ride a bike can use!

Did I mention that electric bikes are great for seniors too? If you used to ride a bike but can no longer do so due to lack of fitness, health issues, mobility and more, than consider an e-bike. The pedal assist will give you a boost to make a difficult bike ride virtually effortless.

We have electric bikes that will cruise the beach, climb a mountain or commute in the city, plus everywhere in between. Still not convinced? Then stop by for a test drive. Do you know how much fun it is to add 400 watts of power to the 400 watts you’re already putting out? In the city, riding feels safer because you can easily keep up with and dodge in and out traffic. On hills, it makes you laugh out loud when you realize how little effort it takes to climb. And, want to hit the beach with your bike but dread the climb on the connector to get there? Not a problem with an e-bike.